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About the Faculty

Welcome to the first and only dedicated online fishing school!

The fishing and development team at the Faculty of Fishing has worked hard to combine research, expert advice and time-on-the-water experience to offer a comprehensive program that can help any freshwater angler catch more and bigger fish.

The inspiration and concept behind the Faculty of Fishing is simple; we love to fish! And we're constantly searching for information and ideas to make our next day on the water even better than the last. The courses available through the program allow us to share our passion and knowledge with other anglers like you.

Our team is proud to bring together the experiences of fishing professionals, including top tournament anglers, as well as the technical expertise of scientists and product development specialists - all to offer the best online fishing resource available.

Mission Statement

The Faculty of Fishing is committed to improving the knowledge and skill level of freshwater anglers. Regardless of skill level, experience and background, Faculty of Fishing strives to provide the angler with a current and comprehensive lesson format that will ultimately help you become a more successful angler. The Faculty of Fishing - More Knowledge, More Bites!

Press Kit

We now have an electronic press kit available! Click here to visit the page , where you can download promotional materials, business cards, testimonials, ads for your site, and more!

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