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We love to hear from our students.

Please take a moment and hear from some of the people that have become better anglers by participating in the Faculty of Fishing programs.
Testimonial Photo of Steve K

"After completion of your courses, I have had my best year bass'n to date (see attached example pic). Your courses have helped me considerably. I had forgotten some of the material, remembered some, & learned a whole lot more. It all came together more clearly when it was over, & I have been able to apply this knowledge more accurately in my recent fishing trips, with a lot more success I might add!! I now look forward to the up coming fall period, a period in which I have had little success, especially on walleye. But now, I am armed with a more powerful lure - - KNOWLEDGE."

- Steve K

Testimonial Photo of Barry

"I just wanted to drop you a line and say that I have really enjoyed the first two modules and look forward to the third. I have learned a lot already and have been reminded of some things that I had forgotten! The way I look at it, I could have subscribed to a few magizines, bought a few 'how to' videos, spent more than the cost of this course, and not gained the knowledge that I have already. Keep up the great work and I look forward to buying the species specific courses as they become available."

- Barry

Testimonial Photo of Colin

I learned so much and I can't wait to use what I learned in another year of tournament bass fishing. I actually took what I learned to the water on Lake Simcoe last weekend and caught a bunch of smallmouth in about 37 feet of water. Your section on "Interpreting SONAR" and "vertical jigging" was very useful for that day. There is still so much that I can't wait to experiment with. I have to say that it was a great course and completely worth the money. My buddy Ryan recommended that I take it and since I completed the course I have also recommended to a bunch of my friends to take the course.

- Colin

Testimonial Photo of Cody Roberson

"Army Bass Anglers & The Coalition have been ecstatic about the alliance we have formed with our Coalition Partner Faculty of Fishing. We couldn't have asked for a better situation to partern with such an incredible angler training system to enhance "true" overall professionalism from a diadactic, developmental and practical application aspect of training our Pro Staff to compete at the next level. As soldiers we are constantly conducting training and participating in Officer and Non-Commissioned Officer professional development courses and training to enhance our careers and skills sets to be better Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. The Faculty of Fishing has allowed us to extend that professional development requisite to our Angling Mission and tournament competitions and the results have been incredible! Our Pro Staff and Coalition are now some of the most professionally educated, trained and knowledgeable anglers in the industry.

Thanks Faculty of Fishing for taking ArmyBassAnglers to the next level of professionalism and arming our Pro Staff with the combat knowledge to maintain a competitive tactical edge--HOOAH!"

- MAJ Cody Roberson

"For several years i've been grabbing different information from books, video's and the internet, and tried to put it all together in notes for the fishing season. These lessons made it so easy, all in one place, wish i could have found it earlier."

- Ken S

"As a former guide ,I thought there was a lot I knew about the sport. Well I know a lot more.This course was full of things as a everyday fisherman you forget to apply on the water. I find myself now looking at my lines, lures, and rod choices in a different way.I am so glad to say I have graduated from this course, and look forward to passing on my knowledge I have learned with others."

- Steve

"I really liked the presentation and the content and think the idea is super. There are lots of people who can benefit from this program."

- Mark

"I recently completed the first level and thought it was fantastic! It was very informative and everything was laid out in a very logical and easy-to-follow format - both on the website and in the workbook. I really liked how you incorporated videos into the TNT section. I cannot wait to start the second course and learn how to tie all the different varieties of knots - I only know three right now and I'm not even sure I do them properly!"

- Valerie

"Just completed the Professional Angler program and must say, I have really enjoyed the courses. Looking forward to some technique and species specific courses!"

- Barry

"Half way through Professional Angler. I can't stop! I'm learning a lot. Thanks for this program!!"

- Simon

"It was outstanding, I knew a some of what was in there but the amount extra I learned was amazing. I wish this was out when I started over 16 years ago, I had to learn through trial and error. The Professional Angler program is like gaining 10-15 years of fishing experience in 14 hours."

- William