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Specialty Courses
Electronics Course Photo

Electronics (SONAR)

Electronics begins with a detailed overview of the many types of fishing electronics available, and how they interconnect to improve your catch. After you have a solid understanding of all your options, Electronics gets in-depth into the operation of your sonar, showing you how to interpret the latest in traditional, side and down scanning sonar imagery.

Approx. 1hr.

$4.99  Enroll

Meteorology Course Photo

Weather & Fish Behavior

This specialty course kicks off with a solid understanding of current seasonal movements for North America, something even seasoned anglers may wish to refresh themselves on. Our environment is constantly changing, and subtle global climate changes can have not-so-subtle effects. If you want to make the most of the fishing season, this is one course you can't afford to skip.

Approx. 25 min.

$1.99  Enroll

Rods & Reels Course Photo

Rods, Reels & Your Line

If you've been fishing for a while, you already understand how different rods, reels and line can make or break a day on the water. This four part extended course covers every significant factor of rods, reels and line, how to significantly improve your existing gear, and provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the dozens of combinations that will give you the best gear for a particular situation on the water.

Approx. 1hr. 15min.

$4.99  Enroll

Watery World Course Photo

Watery World

As an angler, understanding a fish's environment is the single most important element to improving your overall success on any given day on the water. This course offers you the most in depth look at the watery world of fish that you will find anywhere.

Approx. 1hr 15min.

$4.99  Enroll